Polished edge design

The simplest and most common edge design is if the 2 cm thick material is edged on the lower and upper edges, and then the material thickness is polished with the appropriate fineness.

Thickened edge design

The thickened edge formation gives the counters a robust appearance. During the design, the stone material is mitered and glued together with a special polyester resin. Since the material is only thickened on the visible sides, the weight of the counters does not increase. In the case of the thickened edge design, a minimum height of 4 cm and a maximum of 20 cm is possible.

Thinned edge design

During the thinned edge formation, the counters become airy. Its design is very similar to edge polishing, but before sanding, the material is mitered and thinned. In terms of durability, the thinning is no worse than other edge designs.

Undermount sink

One of the main properties of quartz composite stone materials is that the material is homogeneous in its entire cross-section, which is why it is perfectly suitable for sinks that can be attached from below. This type of sink is sold by our company and we undertake to fix it as well.

Built sink

Quartz composite is suitable for constructing sinks. In this case, the joint with the counter is formed by miter cutting and gluing, i.e. the effect is like if the sink was cut out of a block. Since the joints are angular, we do not recommend this design from very light or white material.

Back wall or sprinkler

Our materials can be used not only for kitchens, washbasins, or kitchen islands, but also for the corresponding back wall or sprinkler.